How URL Click Tracking works?

How does URL Click Tracking work? 

The functionality of URL Click Tracking enables you to ascertain whether your intended audience has accessed any links within your campaign. If links are incorporated into your template, the corresponding campaign report will detail the number of customers who clicked on each link, along with the type of device used.

We provide users with the ability to analyze click counts at the campaign level, a feature for displaying click metrics at the Nudge run/Campaign level and for identifying the recipients who have clicked on the links.

Utilize your customized URL links within campaigns by incorporating the short URL merge tag in the template, facilitating click tracking functionality.

Important Note: Users need to follow the naming guidelines for merge tag as Shorturl_* to track the clicks for their custom URLs.

Nudge contains few standard Merge tags such as customer preferences, payment URLs, view bill URLs QR code URL, Dynamic form URLs etc. which By default, all the standard URLs generated by Nudge are tracked for customer clicks.

Follow the below steps to use the URL click tracking: 

Add a Merge tag in your CSV(Comma-separated values ) / Recipient file:

For tracking custom URLs, Users need to add the Shorturl_ merge tag in recipient file. Add merge tag Shorturl_* as prefix of your custom merge tag (for adding URL) as shown in the below image: 

1.0- Csv / Recipient file

Add a Merge tag in the template:

1.1-Shorturl Merge tag added in the template

After adding the same merge tag "Shorturl_*" in the recipient file and template, create the nudge to send to your customers/ audience. Click here to view how to create Nudge.

Your customer/ audience will receive the nudge that contains the URL as shown in the below image:

1.2-Notification Containing Shorturl

Nudge system will convert your URL added in the recipient file into the short URL as shown in the above image.

Important Note: These short URL will be expired in 30 days. (It can be configured)

View Nudge History:

Navigate to the Nudge History in the menu and select the specific nudge that you have sent.

1.3-Nudge History

View Notification Logs:

Navigate to the Notification Logs section in the menu and select the "View" option corresponding to one of the customers.

1.4-Notification Log

The notification log details provide a comprehensive overview of the URL click count, including information on the customer's device type, browser type, and operating system details.

1.5-Notification Log Details

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