Contact Preferences in Nudge

What are Contact Preferences?

Nudge gives its users the ability to access the preferred contact information of their customers, enabling the registered user to use this information for sending nudge notifications to the customers. Customers can now get nudge notifications at several phone numbers and email addresses in order to receive desired notifications at the designated contact channel.

How does it work?

As there are three channels for sending nudges (Email. SMS, and WhatsApp), the customer can set his preferences for all of these. To make a contact preferred, the customer must verify his contact through OTP (One Time PIN). It is an authorized way of adding and changing a preferred contact rather than making the contact preferred directly. Moreover, the customer can also remove the existing contact that is not preferred by clicking on the "Remove" button.

Important Note:The customer can only make one contact preferred for one type of nudge at a time.

Make Email Contact Preferred

Step-01: The customer can add an email address by clicking on the "Add" button present on the customer preference page.

     1.0 - Customer Contact Information

The system adds a new input field for adding email addresses.

Important Note:To make a contact preferred, it must be verified first.

Step 02: Enter your email address in the input field and click on the "Verify now" button.

     1.1 - Add a new Email address

The system sends an OTP to the entered email address which is valid for 30 minutes. 

Step-03: Enter the OTP in the email address input field and click on the "Verify" button.

     1.2 - Verify OTP

Step-04: After verifying the email, click on the "Preferred" button. 

The system reloads the page and makes the email preferred which is verified also.

1.3 - Make contact Email Preferred


The new contact information will be shared with the Nudge registered user only who sent those nudges to that customer.

Preferred Contact Information on User Panel

The registered user can track the customer's preferred contact information in the contact preferences tab. Making an email preferred helps users to identify which emails customers can utilize for sending email nudges. 

 1.4 - List of contact preferences 

Export Contact Preferences 

The registered user can export the contact preferences by clicking on the "Export" button.

1.5 - Export Contact Preferences  

On the registered user's panel, the system will download a CSV file containing information on customer contact preferences. It helps users which email they used for sending nudges to the customers according to their preferred contact information.

Filter Contact Preferences 

The registered user can apply filters on the list of customers' contact preferences in order to evaluate the contact preferences in different scenarios.

1.6 - Filter Contact Preferences  

The filter can be applied to the recipient ID and contact type for getting the specific results of the specific nudge type and recipient. The user can also apply multiple filters on multiple columns at a time.

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