Send Test Email

Nudge users have an option of Sending a test Email. After creating the template we can view how the actual message will deliver to end user by sending it to yourself or anyone, using Send a test email option. (In the Free trial, users will be able to send test messages to the verified Domain only).

1.0 Send test from preview

Note: Send a test Email from preview of the template or from the template editor.

1.1 Send test from template editor

Give all the Merge tag values which are in the template.

1.2 Send test

Click on the "Generate Values" button to generate the URL for unsubscribe link for the email nudge and payment URL(If applicable).  

The system will send an instant email to the user whose email address you have entered in the "EmailAddress" input field and the popup message will be shown with the link.

1.3 Success message

Users can check the delivery status by clicking on the link provided along with success message. Users will be able to view their status as shown below along with the message content.

1.4 Delivery Status

Users can also use this system-generated URL of the "Unsubscribe" in order to view the preferences of their customer.

Users can also send a test email with the empty "Unsubscribe" link.

1.5 Without Unsubscribe

End users will be able to view the delivered mail as shown in the image below.

1.6 Email delivered
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