Setup Auto Reply

Creating Auto Reply 

Step 1: Click on the WhatsApp channel from the side menu. And click on Setup Auto-Reply 

Step 2: Click on Create Auto Reply 

Step 3: Create the template based on the requirement. For creating the template, user need to give template name, keywords, can add header that can be text, or media, body of the message, footer message and can add buttons like menu list or quick reply and click on save after creating template. 

Step 4: Create the Auto Reply flow. 

Note: Users need to integrate with their WhatsApp business accounts to send auto replies. Users can contact us at for the integration process. 

Use of Auto Reply Flow in WhatsApp

Users can use the Auto Reply flow in WhatsApp for the two way communication with the customers. Auto reply works as a bot to communicate, like when any of the customer is reaching out to the user for any support/queries they can reach out to user on WhatsApp business account where they can put up their questions and get clarified.

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