Create WhatsApp template

How to create a WhatsApp Template?

To send customized WhatsApp outbound notifications to the targeted audience, the "Nudge" Platform will provide the facility to the upgraded users to create WhatsApp customized Templates. For this purpose, follow the Below steps:

Step-01: The user clicks on the “Create Template” option from the below section:

1.0 Create Template
1.1 Select the Category

Step-02: The user needs to enter the “Template name” and Select "Category", and “Header”, and enter "Message", "Footer," and Interactive buttons.

1.2 WhatsApp template creation

Users can add merge tags by selecting them from the selection box and clicking on the "Add" button. It will get added to the message box, or users can add custom merge tags.

Moreover, the Button actions can be defined by the user based on his preferences and business needs. click here for more info

How to attach a file to the WhatsApp template?

Users can attach a file in the WhatsApp template that can be an image, video, or document. The file can be attached to the WhatsApp template while creating it. The process for attaching documents, videos, or images is the same.

In order to attach the file to the WhatsApp template, follow the Below steps:

Step-01: Select media Option

Users need to select the media option.

1.3 Select Media

Click the dropdown of Media Type and select image/ video/ document Users can browse media type from your local system based on your requirement.

1.4 Upload Media

Important Notes: Users can upload only one media file with WhatsApp and Email Templates. 

The following are the media types that are allowed to be attached to a WhatsApp template:

  • .jpeg 
  • .png
  • .pdf 
  • .doc 
  • .docx 
  • .pptx 
  • .mp4 
  • .xlsx
1.5 Add attachment

Users can ''Add attachment'' and ''Generate Short URL''

Click on Add Attachment and select the files from your system.

1.6 Generate Short URL

Click on Generate Short URL enter the URL Name and Generate the short URL, then copy the URL and paste into the template.

1.7 Add Call to action/ Quick reply buttons

Users can add a Footer message bottom of your template like THANK YOU NOTE.

Use of Call to action, Quick reply in WhatsApp template

The purpose of quick reply and call to action features is to let customers respond to your message or take action. Users can add buttons in their customized WhatsApp Template by selecting the option "Quick Reply" present at the bottom of the WhatsApp creation screen.

Call to action

Users can add a Call to Action button; users can add action as Call Phone Number or View website.

1.8 Call to action for call phone number

Add the Button text and select the country code and add the phone number.

1.9 Call to action for view website for Static and Dynamic

Static URLs are the same for everyone, and Dynamic Urls are different for everyone.

Select view website and add the button text; users can send static or dynamic URLs.

If users want to send static, users just need to give the website Url.

If users want to send Dynamic, give the URL Merge tag which users have given in the template and it should match with the CSV file.

Quick Reply

2.0 Quick Reply

Users can add up to 3 Buttons for Quick reply.

Add the Button text for a quick reply.

After completing the template creation, Save it as a draft and Submit it for approval.

The Nudge team will approve the template after reviewing it. After the template gets approved, only users are able to use the template.

2.1 Submit for Approval

Click on the "Submit for Approval".

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