Introduction to WhatsApp

Explore the WhatsApp Channel 

Click on the "WhatsApp" channel from the side menu.  The system will provide WhatsApp options for creating WhatsApp NUDGES, a Template Gallery with all email templates stored and displayed, an option to Create Template, and any previously created nudges in the Existing Nudge option As well as setting up the Auto Reply for creating Auto Replies in WhatsApp. 

Create Template:

In this option users can create new templates for creating Nudges.

Template Gallery:

Here users can view standard templates and your designs(Users previously created designs).

Create Nudge:

Here users can create 3 types of Nudges i.e. One time Nudge, Recurring Nudge, and Real time Nudge.

Existing Nudges:

Here users can view or edit the previously created Nudges.

Setup Auto-Reply:

In WhatsApp when any users want to setup Auto reply flow to communicate with their customers they can set up auto reply, users need to configure the WhatsApp Business Account(WABA) for sending Auto-Replies.

Pre-requisite for WhatsApp

All the users must give the following details to setup WhatsApp Business Account

  • Provide your verified Facebook Business Manager Account
  • Provide one phone number which will be used to send WhatsApp to your clients (Should not have any WhatsApp account on this number)
  • Users Business Display Name  (Will be displayed to your WhatsApp Users)
  • Legal Business Name (Users can skip if it is same as their Business Display Name)
  • Business Category (Marketing, Finance, Education, Ecommerce, others etc)
  • Provide your Brand Logo
  • Business Website Address

Step To Create BMID:

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