Introduction to SMS

SMS communication holds significant importance in business strategies such as sending Promotional, Transactional, Real Time Authentication SMS to improve customer engagement. Nudge provides a direct channel to reach customers instantly, as messages are promptly received. Send all types of SMS communication through Nudge.

SMS can be used to send Promotional, Service Implicit, Service Explicit, Transactional categories.


Nudge have four categories to send SMS communication :

Create Template:

Draft creative SMS templates in Nudge for effective communication with customers.

Template Gallery:

Nudge template gallery provides few standard templates which can be duplicated and edit. In your design users can see customized templates created by the user.

Create Nudge:

Users can create 3 types of Nudges i.e. One time Nudge, Recurring Nudge, and Real time Nudge.

One-time Nudge: Users can create one-time nudge to send immediately or can schedule it for future date or time.

Recurring Nudge: Users can create recurring nudges to send periodically.

Real-time Nudge: Users can create Real-time Nudges to send action based nudges like Authentication, payment confirmations and more real-time messages.

Existing Nudges:

Users can view or modify the previously created Nudges from existing nudges.

Pre-requisite for SMS:

  • Users need to have verified DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) Account from any of the telecommunicator in India for sending SMS.
  • Users need have a verified Toll-Free number to send SMS for USA.
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