Analytics on Dashboard

Nudge has a unique dashboard that provides all the detailed statistics of all the communication under one roof which gives more efficient information to users that helps the most users to improve their business. which includes sent, delivered, opened, failed, call to action and other analytics.

The analytics provided by the Nudge dashboard facilitate effective communication by analyzing customer responsiveness, enabling targeted follow-up communication strategies.

On Nudge Dashboard, users can view all the channels such as Email, SMS, WhatsApp, Push Notification and Wallet pass. Click on channels to initiate communication.

Users can view analytics on Weekly/Monthly/Yearly/Periodical Basis.

Nudge dashboard provides graphical representation of analytics which helps in better understanding of communication.

Nudge provides statistics in numerical representation of communication. Out of how many communication initiated how many were sent, delivered, opened, call-to-action and more.

And at the bottom of the Dashboard users can also view Scheduled Nudges, Recent Nudges

1.2 Recent Analytics
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