Create Push Notification Template

How to create a Push Notification Template?

To send customized push notifications to the targeted audience, the  "Nudge" Platform will provide the facility for the users to create push customized Templates. For this purpose, follow the following steps:

Step-01: The user clicks on the “Create Template” option from the below section:

Users can create the template by giving Template name, Title, Destination URL, Project Name if any, Message Content, Logo(optional), and Hero image(optional). Fill the mandatory fields to save the template successfully. 

Step-02: The user needs to enter “Template name”, “'Title", "Destination URL", and "Message Content".

Note: The Destination URL will be open when someone click on the Push Notification.

1.1 Create Template

Users can add merge tags by selecting them from the "Merge tags" dropdown and click on "Add". Users can also customize the merge tags.

Step-03: Click on the "Select Image" button to select the logo image from the desktop.

Step-04: Click on the "Select Image" button to select the hero image from the desktop. 

After completing the template creation click on save & activate.

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