Send Dynamic form through any channel

Send survey/enrollment form through instant email

You can add the merge tag shown in the above image 1.10, (%Enrollment=[Enrolment program-1]%) in an email template for sending it to the customer to fill it up.

Follow the below steps for this purpose,

Step-01: Click on the “Template Gallery” option under the email channel.

1.1 - Email Template Gallery

Step-02:Click on the “Edit” icon attached to the template. 

1.2 - Edit Email Template

Step-03: Click on the “Next” button for moving to the email content.

1.3 - Edit Template Name and Subject
1.4 - Text container

Step-04: Place the cursor inside the “text” container where you want to add the link survey form.

1.5 - Merge tag option

Step-05: Click on the “Merge tag” option 

The system will show the list of merge tags that contain the survey form merge tag, which is shown in the image: 1.10.

1.6 - Select merge tag for survey form link

Step-06: Scroll down to select the merge tag “%Enrollment=[Enrolment program-1]%”. 

1.7 - Added merge tag for survey form link

The system will add the merge tag of the survey form in the Text container where the cursor is placed.

Step-07: Click on the “Send a Test Email” button to send a quick email.

The system will show the merge tag values input field for sending the test email.

Step-08: Enter the merge tag values and click on the “Generate Values” button.

1.8 - Merge tag values

Step-09: Click on the “Send” button 

The system will show the popup info message for successfully sending a test email to the customer.

1.9 - Test Email send popup

The respective customer will receive the email along with the survey form URL. 

1.10 - Customer Receive Email

The customer will copy and paste the URL in the browser's new tab for submitting the survey form details and clicks on submit button to submit the response on the form.

1.11 - Customer submits the Survey form

How you have added the merge tag in Email same you can add in any other channel like SMS, WhatsApp.. and send to your target audience.

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