What is a One-Time Nudge?

What is a One-Time Nudge? 

A one-time nudge is a message/notification you want to send to your customer or customers using any of the channels like Email, SMS, and WhatsApp. You can create a nudge or you can send one of the existing nudges. The one-time nudge can be sent immediately or it can be scheduled to be sent to the customer at any specific date and time. 

Instant One-Time Nudge 

The one-time nudge is created and sent to the customer/customers only once but you can send the one-time nudge instantly while you create it or you can schedule that nudge to be sent to the customers later on a specific date and time. The one-time nudge sent to the customer instantly will be received by the customer within sec without any delay.  

Scheduling One Time Nudge 

The one-time nudges can be scheduled for a date and time of your own choice. The nudges will be sent to the customer or a list of customers provided at the same time. The scheduled nudge will be the same as the instant nudge on the customer side. The customer will not know that it was a scheduled nudge but he will get it instantly as it's immediately sent by the business.  

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